Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Broken World".... now on sale!

For those of you who like your comedy a little bit on the dark side, "Broken World", the latest audiobook from the award-winning Andrew Biss is now on sale at Audible, iTunes and Amazon. 

To sum it up, it is three strange and darkly humorous dystopian tales of a world gone wrong...

"Cafe Grotesquerie"
In a broken world there exists a strange and sinister eating establishment unlike anything known or imagined - referred to in some quarters as Cafe Grotesquerie - where only the most discriminating and well-connected are privileged enough to enter its doors and devour its dark delicacies. Once inside, however, status still reigns supreme, and for one particular couple - Audrey and Aubrey - a hunger for power proves far more desirable than anything on the menu. But when confronted by a supercilious sommelier, the suspicious disappearance of their waiter, and civilization collapsing all around them, will they even be able to make it through dessert? Step inside and find out....

"Foreign Bodies"
Victoria and Max have just arrived at their hotel, La Guerre Sans Fin, ready to enjoy an exotic bargain-priced getaway in one of the less hospitable corners of the planet. Unfortunately for them, between what they perceive to be plagues of marauding insects and wildly erratic weather patterns, their holiday soon becomes a far more perilous enterprise than anticipated. When a group of local tribesmen appear on the scene, however, they at last begin to feel as though things are about to brighten up for them. And in this broken world of theirs, indeed they are....

"The Joneses"
Mr. and Mrs. Jones' zealous desire to be seen as doyens of the community lead them to undertake a misguided mission that rapidly spirals out of control. Their adoption of children from an impoverished part of the world was intended to bring them widespread admiration, but when their charges turn murderous everything starts to unravel. However, in spite of the grim realities that now confront them, they remain stalwart in their pursuit of a higher social standing. But is that really the smell of victory in the air...or did things just get a little too hot to handle?

So there you have it, folks. I am now signing off for a short break to rest my vocal cords, and to finish preparation for my next fantasy trilogy project which I hope you are going to love! 
Will be in touch again over Christmas to tell you what presents I got! 
"Broken World" by Andrew Biss... have a listen over at Audible.

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