Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update....and a question....

Happy New Year to everyone! 

It has been a busy holiday season. The downside of aviation is that the world takes a vacation and we are at our busiest for the year! The 'nature of the beast' as somebody once said. 

Four books in the process of being completed: "Spiggot" by Craig Saunders, which is proving to be a challenge due to me having to stop mid-take to wipe my eyes and settle down after another fit of giggles. (I should really do an "Out-takes" bonus file for this one. 

Christopher Bunn's "The Hawk & His Boy" is coming along nicely, but needs about as much time as "The Djinn" to complete. Just one of those books that has to absolutely perfect in order to do justice to writing that, in my humble opinion, is simply legendary. 

Then there are two novellas: one horror, one steampunk. 
"Dark Crux" by Rob RodenParker and "Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande" by Michael Coorlim. 

So there's the update.... and now the question: 
As you all know, I do this part-time, as a hobby and my day job takes priority, but with offers now coming in from audiobook producers in the US and the UK, I now have to explore the possibility of leaving the aviation world behind. 

I have a fantastic job with great security and prospects, but the question is: Do I take a leap of faith, say goodbye to aviation and try my hand at full-time narration? Or do I play it safe and keep it as a pastime? 

Decisions, decisions! 

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