Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time For Some Changes

Lots of changes happening at the moment, and that is why there has not been much activity on my blog. 
First of all, "Spiggot" by Craig Saunders will be released to the publishers this Friday. 
This is not a book for the faint-hearted and is definitely top of the 'most swear words to ever come out of my mouth' list. 
My parents are so proud! 

It is wonderful to be able to explore genres through the ACX medium and be able to safely experiment with characters and moods across so many different environments and scenes. The feedback has been simply amazing. 

Due to enquiries from the more established audiobook production houses, I am in the process of changing how I record narrations. There are now two exclusive spaces in my studio. An acoustically treated recording room, and a separate mastering suite. 
Earlier in the year, I pondered a move from an aviation career to full-time audiobook production, and I have many people to thank for their advice and guidance on what to do. 

Having thought things over, I am going to keep doing this part-time for at least another year. Whether I choose to go full-time or not, will be partly down to me, and partly down to the production houses who have asked me to narrate for them. 

It is also time to start moving slowly away from the royalty schemes and instead to work on a "per finished hour" basis - but it ultimately depends on the book. If it's a bestseller with a demonstrable sales record on then fine, but if it's got a low number of ratings then it will have to be paid work. Any agreements I have made with authors so far for sequels etc will be honoured of course! I just need to look a bit more at the financial viability of projects. As a business, an eight-hour audiobook regardless of royalty deal or per finished hour, is all about that vital return on investment, and with a minimum of 40 hours going into production per title, you can see where time versus revenue becomes an issue. 

Some of the authors that I have narrated for in the past have really pushed their marketing and sold a lot of audiobooks. Others have disappeared into the ether. But what I was surprised to find was, when someone listens to one book and enjoys it, they have purchased another one that I have narrated, so I guess the benefit is two-fold. 

It's been about a year since I started this, and it has been fantastic. I'm excited about the new projects in the pipeline and thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. 

Next up is Christopher Bunn's "The Hawk And His Boy" and also some more steampunk and first horror series... Ooooooh!

Time to go back to work!

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