Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Quest of Heroes...and other news

So much happening at the moment and it has been almost impossible to keep on top of everything but we're getting there. 
Morgan Rice's critically acclaimed "A Quest of Heroes" was released to Audible last week and is expected to be available for download very soon. 

"The Hawk & His Boy" by the incomparable Christopher Bunn is the next title to be completed and will be released shortly. I have a special attachment to this book in particular and I hope you will find that it reflects in the production. 

Robb Rodenparker's horror compendium "Ultimate Fear" is also in the pipeline and will be completed very soon. 

My studio setup is changing slightly as we work more on getting audiobooks out to authors and providers in a more timely fashion. 
I never thought I would have received as many requests for narration that I have now, and I have a lot to be thankful for. 

However, the amount of requests and projects far outweighs the amount of hours in the day, so in order to prevent any further delays, I have had to take measures to reduce my own workload and begin outsourcing, as I simply cannot find time to complete them while maintaining my day-job (which pays for all the studio equipment and bills.)
As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, I restricted the number of royalty projects that I was willing to work on, and this is definitely making a difference to my bottom line. 

To further improve production facilities, I have raised my per finished hour rate. This allows me to hire an audio editor in addition to the mastering engineer that I already have. Finding the right person to edit an audiobook was difficult as you are handing a large section of your story-telling ability, the timing, to someone else. The good news, is that I think I have found the right one.  

We will find out soon. 

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