Friday, April 24, 2015

No Royalty Share Projects?!… Why?

Recently, I was approached by an independent author with some very kind words about my narration skills and tagged on the end of it all, an offer to narrate their "18 hour - 500,000 downloads" best-selling novel under a royalty share agreement via ACX. 

I refused. 

An explanation as to why was requested. Here it is: 

It's a conservative "in and out" picture of the numbers involved and why royalty share has rarely been a good return on investment for me in the past and why I seldom go near it now.

Woe betide the narrator who falls for "million downloads", "movie producer interest" or "thousands of Twitter followers" and goes into a royalty share agreement with a dreamer. 

Bottom line: If your book is as awesome as you claim it to be, then you can afford to pay your narrator up-front. 


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