Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Tormay Trilogy

I am delighted to let you all know that I have agreed with fantasy writer Christopher Bunn to narrate his wonderful epic adventure 'The Tormay Trilogy', starting with Book 1 "The Hawk and His Boy" which tells the story about a young chap named Jute, who can climb any wall, and steal anything--and he just got hired for what he thinks is an easy burglary job. The only problem is, if he succeeds, the Thieves Guild is going to murder him. He just doesn't know that. Not yet. Being a thief always came easy for him, but it's a lot harder now, particularly when everyone wants him dead. Hiding out in the city of Hearne, Jute finds some strange allies in an old wizard and a talking hawk. Together, they uncover an ancient secret of terrifying power. All Jute needs to do is stay alive long enough to figure out why's there's a price on his head, why a deadly shadow is stalking him, and why the Dark is haunting his dreams.
The other books in the series, follow on from The Hawk, and are called "The Shadow At The Gate" and "The Wicked Day". It is over 400,000 words of narration, so this is an epic read as well as an epic story. 

At this stage, I hope to be able to release the audiobooks at the beginning of next year with there being a possibility of the first book in the series coming out before the end of the year. 

I would like to thank Christopher for giving me this fantastic opportunity to read such an awesome series. It is going to be simply great!

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