Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guess Where I Live!

J. Kent Holloway's sensational adventure story, "The Djinn" is now in its final phase of mastering in the studio. It's a brilliant story, and very refreshing for me to read as it takes me back to the old days and reminds me to the epic desert adventures stories of the past, like Lawrence of Arabia and Sinbad the Sailor. Really fantastic stuff! 

There is also the distraction element of the book. Because of when and where it is set, there is not a telephone or computer screen to be seen anywhere. One wonders how we ever solved the mysteries of the past without Google! 

It has been a pleasure to read it, especially because of where I live, and knowing that the places he describes in the book, are just outside my door.

I want to thank Kent for his amazing patience in giving me the time to complete this, and I hope it brings him every success!

And for those of you still wondering where I live (for me, it is the most beautiful country in the world)'s a photo....can you guess where it is? 

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